AdvenTrue: Nature-Based Wellness

At AdvenTrue, we believe in natural plant-based solutions to health and wellness. Our family has been active in the hemp business for many years; fascinated by this unique and amazing plant. We respect the hard work of farming, the science of extraction, and the life-changing benefits of cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and Delta-8. We meticulously blend hand-picked, all-natural ingredients into our formulas to give you the finest and most effective hemp products you can find anywhere.

Find natural solutions for sleep, stress, aches & pains, skin concerns, and relaxation.

Herbs & Produce

We offer organically-grown herbs and produce in addition to hemp cultivation. Whether in our greenhouse, raised bed gardens, or field rows, our herbs and produce receive the utmost attention & nurture. This work, in turn, rewards us with vibrant ingredients straight from Mother Earth.

Wholesale Hemp

As part of our evolution, our mission and vision in the hemp business has changed over the years. What started as a farming operation focused on growing and selling biomass, then became a seller of oils and extracts to the bulk market. We are proud to continue offering a broad, high-quality inventory of bulk hemp flower, oils, and isolate for sale.


The Farm

Our farming practices are based on organic principals and proactive stewardship. In addition to hemp cultivation, we’ve increased production of organically-grown herbs and produce.


Hemp Drying & Separation

Centrally located in Newton, Kansas, Sunnyland commercially dries hemp for larger scale farms that don’t have onsite drying capacity. Our 30,000 sq. ft. facility has two drying systems, a batch system for gentle handling of feminized hemp crops, and a higher capacity barrel-drying system for whole-plant industrial hemp.
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Tips for sourcing feminized hemp seeds

Tips for sourcing feminized hemp seeds

Once you have found land with good soil, ample irrigation, and determined a sales outlet for your hemp product, it might be time to start sourcing seeds. There are hundreds of CBD and dozens of CBG strains and a vast sea of breeders from Europe to the USA to China, so...

Seeds, seedlings, or clones: Which one is right for you?

Seeds, seedlings, or clones: Which one is right for you?

Ready to start growing hemp for CBD or CBG? One of the first questions might be what to plant. There are three options when it comes to planting feminized hemp: seeds, seedlings, and clones. Each of these options has its own pros and cons depending on where you are...

Is making the switch to CBG really worth it?

Is making the switch to CBG really worth it?

By now, you have probably heard of the new cannabinoid on the block, CBG. At first glance, it might seem like a foolproof venture to make the switch from growing CBD to CBG. There is minimal chance of the novel plant “going hot” (or containing more than 0.3% total...

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