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We help farmers deliver the highest quality cannabinoids to the market with maximum returns.

Our Mission

Sunnyland Kansas LLC is family owned and operated and is dedicated to providing clear information, education and efficient services to the feminized hemp farmer. While we are happy to help farmers in the fiber and grain side of hemp, we focus primarily on feminized cannabinoid-rich cultivation and processing with the goal of providing maximum farmer return and delivering the highest quality cannabinoids to the market.

Returning to Our Roots

We have passionately been building our business in Oregon through cultivation and processing operations and partnerships. We operate exclusively in the hemp space, and are now turning our emphasis to our original home state – Kansas. Our Oregon network is comprised of experts with five years experience in feminized hemp producing maximized CBD and minor-cannabinoid full-spectrum biomass and oils. We are now bringing that knowledge and experience home.

Our Services

We are fully licensed in processing and distribution in the state of Kansas and are developing a wide array of services in the areas of testing, germination, planting, harvesting, processing and monetizing. We remain current on legal and regulatory issues both at the state and federal level, and provide crystal clear information and education.

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We want to assist you in successfully securing and monetizing your crop. Contact us below to receive pricing and further detail.

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