Drying hemp is the single most under-estimated issue in the industry.

Hemp, especially CBD and CBG-rich feminized hemp, is unique and unlike any conventional crop. It is loaded with moisture and sticky resin that once harvested will compost within hours, ruining the material. Field-dry (contact with the ground promotes mold and other issues, weather can turn at any moment), hang-dry (the space and time required is always underestimated – plan about 4,000 square feet per acre and a 5-10 day dry cycle) and baling (fermentation and degradation) all have significant limitations that can put your valuable crop at risk.

At Sunnyland Kansas, we utilize our commercial quick-dry “batch” system at our licensed processing and distribution center that can safely and efficiently dry acres of hemp per day. We can accommodate a variety of biomass content, from flower to a more rough mix. We also can provide a variety of payment options and fee-based transportation services.

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