Hemp Drying

Centrally located in Newton Kansas, Sunnyland commercially dries hemp for larger scale farms that don’t have onsite drying capacity. This 30,000 sq. ft. facility has two drying systems, a batch system for gentle handling of feminized hemp crops, and a higher capacity barrel-drying system for whole-plant industrial hemp. The barrel-dryer integrates a unique separation system designed to assist the industrial hemp farmer in adding value through the drying process.



One of the unique challenges of hemp farming is the rapid decomposition of hemp immediately after harvest. Due to the active-resin of the crop, hemp will compost within a day if left in bulk. Small farms may opt for drying feminized hemp in barns or similar hang-dry facilities, but the space and labor required often outstrips the farm’s capacity. If our drying solution is needed, we write drying contracts with farmers in the spring/summer for the busy fall harvest season. Our fall schedule fills early and it is critical to have a drying plan prior to planting.


Larger industrial hemp farms may opt for air-tight baling programs that will preserve material for drying at a later date. We dry baled product year-round.

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