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Our farming practices are based on organic principals and proactive stewardship. In addition to hemp cultivation, we’ve increased production of organically-grown herbs and produce. While our outdoor season is limited, our greenhouse allows us to offer year-round fresh produce to our local community. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and pest monitoring programs to develop our strategies. We avoid insecticides by releasing predatory insects and building habitat for beneficials. We avoid herbicides by use of cover-crops and manual weeding. We improve soil health by using compost and certified organic amendments. Whether in our greenhouse, raised bed gardens, or field rows, our herbs and produce receive the same care and nurturement as our hemp crop – organic practices and a naturalist approach to enhance a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Organic Principles

We work with Mother Nature, not against her. To avoid the use of herbicides & insecticides, we use predatory insects and pull weeds by hand. Further, our fertilization is certified organic and kind to the land.

Our hemp is handled by hand to go into our drying baskets, then dried gently at low temperatures. We believe the land gives us what we work for, so the extensive labor to achieve the highest quality and purest ingredients are worth it.


Daily we explore the wonders of organic-practice farming, balanced lifestyle, and harmony with the land – while having good times along the way! Under the sister-brand AdvenTrue, we craft small-batch specialty products that artfully combine the benefits of cannabinoids, herbs, and oils into “Balanced Blends” that support natural wellness at its finest.

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