Sunnyland Seedlings

Sunnyland cultivars are cannabinoid-rich with heavy terpene profiles. Our premium CBD and CBG seedlings are germinated in climate-controlled greenhouses using tried and true practices. Seedlings can be picked up at our facility or delivered at no additional fee (within 100 miles from Wichita).
Stormy Daniels CBD: $2.00
Gatsby CBD: $2.00
Serenity CBG: $2.50
If you purchased seeds from another source and need them germinated, we can help. Sunnyland offers seedlings as well as a BYOS (bring your own seed) propagation service.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Seeds)

If you don’t have access to a greenhouse or are concerned about starting your seeds, let us do it for you!
Autoflower Seeds: $0.50
Regular Seeds: $1.00
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