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Growing a purely feminized crop is by far the best way to maximize your CBD-rich crop.

In preparation for the 2020 crop-year, Sunnyland Kansas is compiling an offering of the highest quality genetics and highest cannabinoid-ratio feminized seed and “starts” (the small seedlings that we sprout for you to transplant into your field – the best way to economically ensure a healthy and robust grow). Growing a purely feminized crop is by far the best way to maximize your CBD-rich crop. Our distributor’s license allows us to bring you that best seeds and starts from the best genetic sources nationally. We also are developing partners to provide you clones, however we believe “starts” from seeds will provide the best value.

A crop of all feminine plants produces the most possible CBD sticky resin, secreted by the female plant to capture male spores. Keep the spores away, and the “girls” keep making more CBD and other cannabinoids. This produces the highest content of valuable CBD.

Our seeds are feminized with an extremely low occurrence of males. With only a few males per acre, the process of male eradication is very efficient. Some farmers have planted using seeds with near-equal ratio of males and females, waiting for many weeks to accurately determine the sex of the plants. A mixed crop requires a massive and expensive effort to clear out the males in the middle of the crop cycle, severely reducing yield and revenue.

Looking to the future, new high-ratio (maximum CBD, minimum THC) seeds are constantly being developed, and we at Sunnyland Kansas are constantly scouring the country for the best offerings.

Kansas is very unique in the regulations regarding allowable seeds. We have a highly interactive relationship with the Kansas Department of Agriculture, so you can have confidence that our seeds and starts are compliant with these frequently changing regulations.

We want to assist you in successfully growing and monetizing your crop. Please complete the contact information section to receive further detail.

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